Welcome to Beskydy2024

Nature-Based Governance: Coevolutionary and transformative perspectives on the biodiversity and climate crises

September 24-26, 2024

Venue: Velke Karlovice, Wellness Hotel Horal

Nature-based solutions (NBS) are socio-ecological arrangements that benefit both humans, non-humans, and their living environments. While the importance of NBS is already well acknowledged, the intertwined dynamics of the social and the ecological processes, and particularly their relevance for governance is still not well understood. Little attention has also been given how nature can inspire governance. Beskydy 2024 workshop explores nature-based governance in co-evolutionary and co-creative perspective by responding to people and non-human views and for more effective transformation pathways towards inclusive and resilient communities.

The 2024 Beskydy Workshop will be organized around the four themes contained in the 2018 Earth System Governance Science Plan www.earthsystemgovernance.org/research-framework and research agenda of Horizon Europe project COEVOLVERS: targeting the Coevolutionary approach to unlock the transformative potential of Nature-Based Solutions for more inclusive and resilient communities.

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Workshop Themes

From Adaptation to Transformation: Co-creative and coevolutionary approaches to nature-based governance

We invite papers that scrutinize and develop adaptive and transformative potential of nature-based governance. Core questions include: Through which mechanisms and pathways, and under which conditions, are such interventions and actions realised? What are the opportunities, barriers, and trade-offs of different models of nature-based governance involved? What are the implications for enhancing global sustainability in diverse cultural and economic contexts? What role does co-creation have in the process of transformation? 

From Inequality to Justice: The power of multispecies assemblages

We invite papers that address inequality and justice in nature-based governance, including multi-species and more-than-human needs. Core questions include: Does the Anthropocene condition exacerbate existing power inequalities or create new opportunities for the legitimacy of power in nature-based governance? How do power asymmetries among humans and between humans and non-humans affect the management of natural resources? How can non-humans be meaningfully included in nature-based governance?

Diversity and Inquiry: Transdisciplinary research methods

We invite papers that explore diverse disciplines and methods to understand better nature-based governance and to boost transformation through experimentation, co-creation and social learning. Core questions include: What are novel transdisciplinary digital, art-based methods to foster potential of NBS governance transformation for action across the globe?

Architecture and Agency: Multi-level governance

We invite papers that identify the factors of nature-based governance to mobilize various agencies including non-human agency governed on local, national and supra-national levels and across sectors and actor groups. Core questions include: What are institutionalized structures that impede or foster the uptake of nature-based governance across policy levels? What can we learn about accountability and acceptance in this context? Under which conditions can nature-based governance receive the political, financial and administrative support?

Type of proposals

Short papers

We invite submissions of abstracts of up to 200 words that address one or more of the workshop’s thematic streams. All abstracts will be anonymised and evaluated in double-blind peer review. Please submit your abstracts here: www.beskydy2024.eu/#abstract-submission

NBS practice exchange 

At the conference, an “exchange of NBS practice” will also be organised. We welcome NBS practices to be displayed in an aesthetic, interactive and graphical way, e.g., posters, videos, installations, or other media. Artists, community organisations, land-use planners, policymakers and all other practitioners working on implementing NBS are especially warmly welcome to participate. NBS practice exchange will be an open exhibition. A walk with your coffee session and a World Café format will offer opportunities to share experiences and stimulate discussion and debate. Proposals should include: i) description of the NBS good or bad practice, ii) relevance for transformative perspectives on the biodiversity and climate crises iii) display format (poster, video, etc.) Proposal should be up to 300 words (1 page) submitted by e mail to: workshop@beskydy2024.eu


Tatiana Kluvánková, SlovakGlobe – Slovak Academy of Sciences, CETIP

Programme Committee

Chair of the Organising Committee

Ivana Vybochova, CETIP

Contact: e-mail: info@beskydy2024.eu

We look forward to welcoming you to Velke Karlovice in September 2024!